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Sari Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources University


Members of the Forest Sciences Center of Catalonia (CFTC)-Spain visited the SANRU University
A team of experts from the CFTC from Spain visited the SANRU University on the 5th July 2017 which was comprised of below members;
Marta Rovira: Master in International Trade and Finance at the University of Barcelona and postgraduate in Project Management for the Cooperation and Development
Dr. Carlos Colinas: PhD in Forest Science, professor of Forest Pathology at the Univ. of Lleida and researcher at the Forest Sciences
Dr Denis Boglio: PhD in Forest Economics. Expert in EU policies linked to the environment, in particular forest-related issues
Jaime Coello: MSc European Forestry. He is researching on innovative techniques for cost-effective forest restoration, especially in valuable broadleaved species plantations
The Spanish delegates were warmly welcomed by the president of SANRU during a formal pivot table meeting and the SANRU introduced to them briefly by casting a video clip.
Afterward, Dr. Marta Rovira introduced the CFTC in terms of its background, policies and its field of activities. She also announced the CFTC is willing to have bilateral scientific cooperation with the SANRU in terms of implementation of researches in empowerment of local forest communities toward the reduction of pressure on wood by promotion of handcrafts, mushroom and truffle cultivation, honey bee raring and herbal plants farming. Accordingly a signed MoU was submitted to Miss Marta Rovira for being signed by the Director of CFTC and they visited the central lab and educational rice field subsequently before leaving the SNARU University.

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