Graduate studies Deputy of  Vice-Chancellor

Dr. MohammadAli Tajic

Tel No: +98 11 33687714

Fax:     +98 11 33687716


The Office of the graduate studies Deputy of  vice-Chancellery has the responsibilities to enhance academic policy development, to promote quality assurance processes and to improve the quality of teaching and learning. The prophecy of academic education and training, precise implementation of regulations and criterions are the main goal in foundation of academic office at university.

Key responsibilities of the academic Deputy of  vice-Chancellery include:

  • Direct management of day-to-day operations of core education activities, including integration of faculty planning with University-wide planning, resource management and quality assurance
  • Educational planning and policy, including quality assurance of education in relation to undergraduate and postgraduate education and scholarship, and management and development of entry policy
  • Management of University entry
  • Supervision on admission and Bursary of academic members
  • Evaluation of graduated student’s documents and issuing of their scientific certificates at BS.c, MS.c and Ph.D levels.
  • Regulating and implementing of University’s educational calendar


Admission to B.Sc. & M.Sc degrees is conducted through the national entrance examination which is held simultaneously in all the universities within the country each year. Students who pass the exam successfully can enroll in different fields based on their scores. In order to meet the ever increasing demands of the country to specialized workforce, in addition to the experts graduating from the university each year, the vice Cancellery provides higher degrees and programs. As such, the office has launched M.Sc. and Ph.D. courses in recent years. The office is now seeking to expand the number of fields offered in graduate levels. The University has set a deadline to complete its development in terms of educational programs by the year 2025.

Calendar of the University

The educational program of the university is offered in three semesters two of which are normal semesters and the third is a compact summer program. Each normal academic semester lasts 17 weeks during which students attend lectures and work intensively for tutorials and practical sessions. The compact summer programs are shorter in length and are offered to meet the special requirements of the students.

Late September-Mid January

First semester

Early February-Mid June

Second semester

Mid June-Late September

Summer semester

Degrees offered

The university is offering four degrees: Associate of science, B.Sc., M.Sc. and Ph.D. Associate of science students must pass 72 units in 2 years. Bachelor students have to pass 135 units successfully which normally takes 8 semesters in 4 years. B.Sc. and M.Sc. students in most fields of natural resources and agricultural sciences are required to complete a research project in order to finish their studies. Master students are required to pass 38 units and complete a thesis project worth 6 units. Ph.D. candidates are required to pass courses and submit a dissertation and defend its contents as their final examination in front of the invited high ranking professors in the related fields.