Student Affairs Deputy of  Vice-Chancellor

Dr. Seyed Ramzan Mousavi
Tel No: 011-33687712Fax:      ۰۱۱-۳۳۶۸۷۷۱۶


This Deputy of  vice Chancellery supports for the needs of the students in various aspects such as accommodation, nutrition, sports and recreations, health and so forth. These tasks are accomplished through four affiliated units including Student Affairs

Deputy of Vice-Chancellery

l Affairs, Sport Center, Health and Counseling, and Restaurants and Accommodation.

The major responsibilities of the chancellery consist of the following:

· Pursuing of activities in relation to sportive events, sport matches, games and any athletic program at the university, region and the country scales

· Responsibility for providing standard daily food at the restaurants of the university

· Accommodating of students in several dorms operated by the university

· Giving priority to introduction of the national and indigenous cultural values

· Encouraging of students in participation to religious and philosophical debates, holding of student oriented scientific congresses, launching ceremonies, book fairs and cross-cultural exhibitions