Reasearch Deputy of  Vice-Chancellor
Dr. Maryam Ghorbani

Tel No: +98 11 33687442

Fax:      +98 ۱۱ ۳۳۶۸۷۴۴۲


The Deputy Vice-Chancellery of Research is given the responsibility of this office to manage the matters of research, innovation and commercialization of research products.

The mission of this office is to ensure that SANRU remains a Research University by providing full support to all activities involving research, innovation and commercialization.

After foundation of the College of Agricultural Sciences in 1973, research office was highly active in terms of disciplining of research issues, approving of submitted research plans and its final reports by academic members, designation of hardware and software facilities, and updated informatics' services to the academicians and students.

In 2008, upon to the formation of Sari Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources University (SANRU), the research vice-Chancellery was revolutionized in performance for instance the research grant was duplicated and reached to nearly 2.2 times. The other activities of the research office include:

Manifolding of purchase from international book fair, systemizing of university's research farm and considerable budget allocation to this section, surveillance and prizing of presented and published papers in either national or international conferences by academic members, facilitating of their scientific trips to abroad, evaluating of edited or translated books prepared by academic members for publication, documentation and following the issues related to selection of elite researcher at university, province and country levels.

The principle policy of the research vice-Chancellery is to always encourage the inventors and originators and in this regard has recorded several patents for invention of rice reaper, five new rice varieties (Qaem1, 2 & 3, Parto and Jahesh), invention of singular manure machine, invention of mushroom production machine, etc.

The Outlook of Research Vice-Chancellery

  • Accessing to the sufficient research fund and accelerating the research budget allocation process through the university
  • Support of central library and providing an engine search link for both academic members and students
  • Equipping of computer site and supporting it in terms of hardware and software facilities
  • providing outcome related research and consultancy services that address real world issues
  • Focusing on applied research that is delivered in partnership with leading organizations and individuals who are capable of using research outcomes to create products and services that are leading edge.
  • Using the passion, energy and intellect of our researchers to create positive outcomes for the world we live in.