Tabarestan Technology Incubator (TTI)
Tabarestan Technology Incubator (TTI) as a subdivision of Sari Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resrouces University was officially inaugurated in 2006. Many new technological, agricultural and environmental products are being developed and marketed by many knowledge based small and medium entrepreneurs companies at TTI.
TTI is equipped with general laboratory, instrumental laboratory, mechanic laboratory, administrative offices and technologist’s unit offices all of which are located in two buildings with a total area of 800 square meters. Building No.1 is located at environmental organization official facilitiesnext to insurance department, Amir Mazandarani St, Sari, and Building 2 is next toMazandaran Science and Technology Park, DaneshjuSq, OstadMotahari St, KhazarSq, Sari.
At general laboratory, there are varieties of appliances and basic machines such as oven, laboratory grinder, homogenizer, water distillation equipment, water bath, various laboratory glasses, different kinds of refrigerators and freezers, autoclave, centrifuges etc. which are available to the users at TTI upon their request.
Moreover, at instrumental laboratory there are machines with specific capabilities such as: vacuums oven, heat furnace, HPLC, viscometer with all probs and attachments, spray dryer, shaker plate,  mechanical digital mixer, UV/VIS spectrophotometer, double deionizer machine, standing freeze dryer, 300 liters incubator, ultra speed refrigerated centrifuge, vertical electrophoresis and the related equipment, circulating heater, rotary evaporator, two phase piston homogenizer ,omega homogenizer, rheometer, texture analyzer, circulator, ultrasonic homogenizer etc. Also there is a texture culture laboratory with a complete set of required equipment for different plants propagation which is taken by one of the entrepreneur companies and is currently propagating different kinds of ornamental and medical plants. Accordingly, African Wild Pancy (violet) flower has been advertised by the company and there are hopes to supply the needs for this imported product in the near future.