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Caspian Ecosystems Research Institute
The green margin of the Caspian Sea is a divine gift which has not been thoroughly explored in terms of its range and forest ecosystems, ecological niches, watersheds, natural habitats of wildlife and their positive role in refining the environment, elimination of social and economical problems, development of eco-tourism, etc. Entering from different directions into this region, one is impressed by such ecosystem as they becomes more tangible due to sudden change of climate. Presence of more than 5 million hectares of green-lands including natural and mountain forests with enormous fauna and flora diversities and green altitudes up to 2500 meters above sea level, all and all point to the glory and magnificence of God's creation.
Three major provinces are located within this region; Mazandaran, Golestan and Guilan which directly benefit from the positive effects the Caspian Ecosystems. Furthermore, the longest beach border and the most profound section of the Caspian Sea belong to these provinces. Hence related industries such as travel agencies, fisheries, aquaculture, eco-tourism, ornamental flowers, and agricultural related industries such as citrus farming have a proper situation and bright future in these provinces.  From another point of view, a significant population, many of whomeducated, knowledgeable and intelligent, has settled in this region mainly because of its fine climate.
Considering the above mentioned facts, conducting pragmatic research projects related to the Caspian Ecosystems in the subdivisions of forest ecosystems, aquatic ecosystems, ecosystems' products, rang and watershed ecosystems and environmental issues are the prime goals of the Caspian Ecosystems Research Institutes (CERI). In this regard, executive bureaus send their of interest to the CERI and the CERI research groups along with scientists and researchers prepare a proposal and evaluate required budget to run the project. Doing Research on fundamental issues related to the life of an ecosystem is another objective of CERI. Ecological niches are the first substrates for the creation of biodiversity in nature. Hence, any threat to the ecological niches is considered as the preferred research subject and the required budget can be secured in different ways such as Environmental Conservation Organization and international organization aiming to protect ecological niches. The Research team is not just limited to the CERI expert members, but also include national and international proficient researchers.
Educating and training experts at different research fields related to the Caspian Ecosystems, allocation of student’s theses to the suggested topics from the CERI, holding research workshops for experts from executive bureaus and other interested people, and scientific conferences on important issues of Caspian Ecosystems at national and international levels are the other objectives of CERI.

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