Faculty of Natural Resources


Head Of  Faculty :

Dr Ataollah Kavian

Tel No: 01133687575


Faculty of Natural Resources
The Faculty of Natural Resources was founded in 1974 under the name of "College of Agricultural Engineering". In 1988 and after the Islamic Revolution in Iran it was renamed twice as "Postgraduate School of Agriculture" and " Faculty of Agriculture", respectively. Ultimately, one decade later, at the end of 1998, the Faculty of Natural Resources was formed as an independent institution and nearly one year later in 2000 started its educational activity as one of Mazandaran University's faculties with the aim of educating and training professionals for better understanding, managing and conserving natural ecosystems.

Furthermore, due to the nature of the courses which require a field laboratory, an educational and research forest site (Darabkola) of 2612 ha was allocated to the faculty where currently many of the academic staff and postgraduate students run their research projects.

Subject areas at undergraduate and postgraduate levels

Faculty of Natural Resources Educational Course Level Academic Major
Watershed Management Engineering
Forest Economics
Ph.D. Forest Sciences
Silviculture & Forest Ecology
Rangeland Sciences
Pulp & Paper Technology
Watershed Management
Silviculture & Forest Ecology
Rangeland Management
M.Sc. Forest Engineering
Wood Preservation & Modification
Pulp & Paper Technology
B.Sc. Forestry
Pulp and Paper Technology
Wood Protection and Modification
Rangeland & Watershed Management