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    2018 Jun 24
      9 شوال 1439


        Camerino University and Macerata University from Italy signed MoU with SANRU University, Iran

        Camerino University and Macerata University from Italy signed MoU with SANRU University, Iran
        On 12 July 2016, an administrative, academia, cultural and economical team including 40 members from Marce State, Italy, entered the Mazandaran Province-Iran to start a multidisciplinary cooperation together based on a sisterhood agreement.
        Prof. Claudio Pettinari, the Vice President of Camerino University (UNICAM), and Prof. Francesco Adernato, the President of Macerata University (UNIMA) along with his colleagues visited SANRU and signed a MoU based on prescheduled program on 14 July 2016.
        During the formal meeting, Prof. Mohammad-Ali Bahmanyar, the president of SANRU, welcomed the delegate team form Italian Universities and by emphasizing the importance of international collaboration between SANRU and his counterparts, express his gratification regarding the educational and research cooperation between SANRU and either UNICAM or UNIMA from Italy.
        Afterward, prof. Francesco Adernato and prof. Claudio Pettinari introduced their universities, qualitatively and quantitatively and by mentioning the similarity of Italian and Iranian nations' culture as ancient civilizations, expressed their willing to singe a MoU with SANRU and initiated perspective scientific exchange between Italian and Iranian universities.
        By singing the MoU, the Italian delegates had a field visit from central laboratory, Genetic and Agricultural Biotechnology Institute of Tabarestan, educational rice paddy fields and laboratories of Animal Sciences and Fisheries Faculty. Finally, the Italian team left the SANRU University after presenting on the monument of unknown martyrs, and showing their respect toward them.



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