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    2018 Feb 25
      8 جمادی الثانی 1439


        Professional meeting of SANRU's Board of Directors with Astrakhan State's Delegates, July the 6th, 2016.

        Professional meeting of SANRU's Board of Directors with Astrakhan State's Delegates, July the 6th, 2016.
        According to the International Office, relating to the presence of formal, commercial and academic representative members of Astrakhan State from Russia, leading by the Alexander Zhylkin the governor of Astrakhan State in Mazandaran Province-Iran on 5th July 2016, Sari Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources University (SANRU) was assigned as the coordinator of academic section by the Mazandaran's governor.
        In this regards, a team of including; the Chairman of Faculty of Agricultural Science of Astrakhan State University, the Director of Caspian Institute of Sea and River Transport, the Executive Manager of Agricultural Products Company of Astris and the Manager of Marketing Institute of Moscow, visited SANRU and participated in a professional meeting on July the 6th, 2016.
        Accordingly, after the introductory meeting, Prof. Mohammad-Ali Bahmanyar, the president of SANRU, welcomed the Russian team to the SANRU University and invited them to have a filed visit from educational Rice Paddies. Afterward, the professional meeting was held by the presence of SANRU's Board of Directors and the Astrakhan State team members, focusing mainly on rice cultivation technology. Firstly, Prof. Bahmanyar, reminded the history of scientific cooperation with Astrakhan State University by emphasizing on the goodwill of SANRU regarding to the rice technology exchanges and stated his regret about not receiving any progressive report from Astrakhan State University. Prof. Arykboyove, the Chairman of Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, acknowledged the hospitability of SANRU and promised the closer cooperation with SANRU from now on, by requesting the continuous collaboration in terms of Rice cultivation technology. He also mentioned that the Astris as the main rice producer company in Astrakhan will join them in large scale rice experiments in Astrakhan State. Bothe sides discussed some more issues such as establishing a Master of Science joint degree in Agricultural Science field.

           2016/7/27 09:57

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