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27 اسفند 1396
    2018 Mar 18
      29 جمادی الثانی 1439


        Message from SANRU University regarding recent deadly hajj accident

        Message from SANRU University regarding recent deadly hajj accident
        Referring to the bitter incident in Mina, which turned Eid al-Adha into a mourning occasion for the Muslim community, SANRU’s staffs offer their condolences to the Islamic union and damaged families and furthermore condemn the irresponsibility of Saudi rulers and demanding the acceptance of their responsibility in this grave incident by apologizing to the Muslim Ummah and bereft families.
        The message from SANRU University toward the Saudi Rulers is they should notify that this incident will not be forgotten and will be seriously followed by Muslim nations.
        The coincidence of such a horrible event with 11th September accident robust the rumour of interference of global arrogance, mainly US and Zionism regime in this regards. Thereafter, it is logical that government administration and politicians pursue the formation of a truth group that could identify the major blameful agent in association with Islamic conference countries and International legislation associations and publish the results to the world, especially to the countries with lost hajjes and enforce the law regarding the main causes.
        SANRU’s staffs ask God the Forgiving, the Merciful, and the Rewarding to bestow His special mercy on these honorable guests of His and to help, with His kindness, the injured to recover as soon as possible. 

           2015/9/30 08:33

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